Why Choose Secret Hideaways Pu Luong?

You have 100 reasons to choose Vietnam and so many reasons to choose Pu Luong for your mind, body and wisdom journey. Here are 10 reasons you should come to our Secret Hideaways shelter on the large Pu Luong mountain to explore, explore, relax, enjoy and immerse in nature.

  1. The jungle shelter itself is an interesting destination in Leo Village, Pu Luong.
  2. The boutique resort has its own architectural language with identity, novelty and originality.
  3. Largest infinity pool and the best view of majestic terraces, valleys and mountains.
  4. A wonderful blend of heritage, art and style in each touch of the shelter.
  5. Excellent cuisine designed by renowned chefs, elevating local specialties to fine dining.
  6. This shelter has been researched, built and developed by senior travel professionals.
  7. Many authentic and unique travel experiences of the shelter are inspired by beautiful landscapes like Quang Dung’s poetry in “Tay Tien”.
  8. We build an experience that allows visitors to feel a destination with five senses: see, taste, hear, touch, smell.
  9. The first shelter is designed specifically for comprehensive wellness (healthy and spiritual), mind-body-wisdom.
  10. Sustainable tourism is responsible for the community and society.

5 Reasons To Choose Secret Hideaways Pu Luong

Under the roof on stilts, on the rice bank in the middle of Pu Luong. A miniature Bali right in Vietnam. We own an infinity pool with the most beautiful mountain views in the Northwest, Vietnam. Tourists from all over the world and Vietnamese tourists with taste from all over the world, come here all year round to enjoy the breathtaking scenery like the poetry of Tay Tien by poet Quang Dung and enjoy the wildness. remove indigenous people, fresh air, peaceful mountainous region. Touching poetic wildness!

Secret Hideaways are operated according to the six criteria of a sustainable eco-resort and wellness. The guests chose us for the beautiful location close to nature in the middle of Pu Luong forest, Ba Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa Province. We are committed to operating the resort in ways that protect the environment, using environmentally friendly and healthy materials. We always use recyclables, glass bottles, and save water as much as possible.

It is Secret Hideaways’ policy to support the local community through job opportunities along with professional training and professional combat skills; room services, cooking and mixing delicious and classy cocktails. We recruit indigenous people from ethnic minorities living in the Pu Luong area to help them support themselves, take care of their families, preserve identity and maintain a stable economy for their families. and community.

Secret Hideaways use locally grown food. We elevate low-end ingredients into premium cuisine with our top chefs. The shelters are boutique and wellness, so we place great emphasis on healthy dining experience and design. We grow our own produce as much as we can or buy rice from local farmers and suppliers. When you have the opportunity to visit, don’t forget to visit our vegetable garden and small farm and the terraced rice fields right in front of you.

Secret Hideaways is not a big hotel and we take privacy and personalized services very seriously. Shelter for both mind, body and mind, we built many public spaces, many functions, art rooms, many relaxing experiences. Our palm-leafed, traditional Thai wooden-stilt bungalows are fully equipped with the amenities of a modern, luxurious and poetic resort with names of places. in the poem Tay Tien. In addition, interconnected family rooms are perfect for groups of friends or family.

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