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This May and October is the best time to come to Pu Luong, western Thanh Hoa, to enjoy the golden season more beautiful than Ubud, Bali Indonesia. Pu Luong Nature Reserve belongs to the mountainous districts of Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa, located in the western part of Thanh Hoa province, bordering Mai Chau district (Hoa Binh). It is about 170 km from Hanoi and 130 km from Thanh Hoa city, so you can go to Pu Luong for two weekends or have more time, then combine to Mai Chau – Pu Luong.

This is a year-round destination, each season has its own wild and majestic beauty. Being a mountainous area surrounded by primitive forests, the climate in Pu Luong is pleasant all year round, even during the high temperature summer days.

May-4-5 when summer just begins, is also the time when terraced fields are in green. A few years ago, in April, Pu Luong was also the venue for the marathon that attracted a large number of participants.

September to October is the best time when rice is ripe, attracting photographers. In mid-October, the terraced fields in Pu Luong are maturing from the outskirts of Ban Cong commune to the core areas of the nature reserve such as Don village, Hieu village, Ban Leo village, Kho Muong village … Touch the wild preliminary!

You can also fly to Tho Xuan, Thanh Hoa and then take a taxi to Pu Luong, about 90km, about 1h30 car. From Hanoi, to Pu Luong you can choose to ride a motorbike, passenger car or self-drive car. However, the road is not difficult to go, so motorbikes are the most suitable means for tourism in Pu Luong, allowing you to move flexibly between attractions. The road for private car or motorbike is usually from Hanoi along Highway 6 to Hoa Binh. Then choose one of the two turns, which is through Lung Van valley, or via Ban Lac, Mai Chau and then to Pu Luong.

By bus, you will pick up the bus at Giap Bat station, Nuoc Ngam, My Dinh, choose the route Hanoi – Ba Thuoc – Thanh Hoa. Car to Canh Nang town (Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa), continue to ride a motorbike taxi or taxi to Pu Luong. If departing from Thanh Hoa city, go back to the Northwest, follow the Ho Chi Minh trail, turn right in Cam Thuy town, visitors will meet 15C road in Canh Nang town, then go about 10 km. is to the foot of Pu Luong mountain.

Take the bus from Thanh Hoa city to Canh Nang town, you can catch the bus at the West City bus station with two frames of 8:00 and 12 noon. Secret Hideaways provide daily two-way limousines if the need arises.

Fairy scene among Northwestern mountains, beautiful places in Tay Tien Quang Dung’s poetry on the bank of Ma River. The name Pu Luong in Thai means the highest peak of the village. This place also owns the 1,700 m high Pu Luong peak, which is a trekking point that attracts many travelers.

It takes about 6-8 hours in good weather to reach the top. So you can choose to set up camp on the top to eat and rest overnight and then go down the mountain the next day. Looking down from the top of Pu Luong, you will get a full view of the valley’s breathtaking landscape.

Coming to Pu Luong, no one will miss Pho Doan market. The market is held every Thursday and Sunday. Coming here, you not only experience the upland market but also shop for souvenirs from brocade fabrics and especially explore local specialties and specialties such as sweet, salty donuts, cool melons, fruits, vegetables …

Leo village with 60 households and in need of pristine beautiful original stilt roofs in the middle of ancient trees when we reach the end of 2020, unfortunately the villagers wear little traditional clothes and cannot speak Thai.

Villages such as Hieu village, Don village, Kho Muong village … are also must-visit places in Pu Luong. There are serene stilt houses lying close together, mixed with mountains, surrounded by terraced fields, although not stretching to the horizon like Mu Cang Chai, but still has its own beauty.

Located next to the rice fields in Kho Muong village, there is also a cave of the same name, which is the largest and most beautiful cave in the cave complex discovered in Pu Luong. However, exploring the cave must have the right tools because the way to the cave is quite difficult to go.

Deep in the Pu Luong core zone, this place is famous for the Hieu waterfall in the Hieu village that attracts many tourists to visit. The waterfall is not high, but the water cascades into many low and wide layers. Healthy people can go upstream to visit, but if you want to take a waterfall bath, walk along the trail along the water. The more you go down, the more water the waterfall becomes, clear and blue, creating a more spacious, natural swimming pool.

  • Should bring walking shoes, sports shoes or canvas shoes, soft soles, good friction
  • Bring more clothes if you go to the waterfall in Hieu village
  • Bring medicine, sunscreen, especially insect repellent
  • Actively bring some snacks such as cakes, canned milk, water … if trekking

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