What Makes Us Unique and Different?

  • We are pet friendly
  • Focus on food and drink
  • Always with a witty and funny layout
  • Personal preference service.
  • Rich in local culture
  • There is a story to tell
  • Strong focus on personality design.
  • Classic and modern decorations give a new feel
  • Independent brand
  • Create a friendly, cozy and friendly space for visitors.
  • Combining contemporary vibes with indigenous culture and early Indochinese styles of the early 30s.
  • Boutique style and personality, the resort is an interesting destination before exploring natural heritage.

Become a part of a place and a family connected with Thai traditions. A masterpiece brings soul to the idyllic nature of pristine nature. Feel the whole pristine destination.

Enjoy a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, with views of the valley, rivers and terraced rice fields with private benches and a special book under the trees in the garden, the rice fields in front of the resort ours. No television, wifi, only the scenery of the mountains and forests and the quiet and harmonious connection of the room with nature.

Take part in cooking and entertainment classes, rafting, rock climbing, cycling, walking, local encounters, market tours, waterfalls and caves, cultural tours, travel Local produce and learn about agriculture, wet rice cultivation and villages.

Interact with local people with interesting and bold Thai personalities, seeing the world through their eyes, local way of life and thinking. Guests can choose to have dinner by the pink fire cooked by the owner and chat with the owner.

Meet with the shamans, learn to religion, the Heaven and Earth worlds, Man and Ma in daily worship life while visiting every single intact house on stilts in the midst of mountains and forests.

Balance mind and body in the mornings or private yoga and meditation classes for dawn each morning. Wellness wellness experiences will be accompanied by specialists to advise you on your health, mind, body and wisdom journeys.

Receive traditional medicine therapies, traditional Vietnamese massages, hot oil packs, compresses, hot stone baths and herbal foot baths every night, and consult a traditional medicine doctor.

Enjoy healthy cuisine, local produce, and fine dining. Enjoy our unique culinary concept without any fixed affinity, focusing on your personal wellness.

Rich in arts and culture, we showcase local architecture in design, talented local artists and the artworks of artists, artisans, enjoy the art of drinking tea or weaving traditional.

Discover the meaning of perfection in terms of how it creates authentic encounters, unique and authentic experiences between visitors and locals, traditional attire, way of life, indigenous beliefs and Our efforts for community tourism and heritage preservation.

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