Responsible Travel

+ Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Absolutely no plastic bags; we provide reusable water bottles and reuse your towels and linens.

+ Journey with purpose:

We save fresh water and organic waste for recycling into biogas. With those responsible policies, we want to keep the village greener, cleaner, and sustainable for future generations.

+ Social responsibility:

The hideaway operates sustainably; creates jobs; hires local workers; promotes local culture, heritage, and products; supports a project to protect animals, forests, and farm development; and encourages agricultural and rural tourism, hunger eradication, and poverty alleviation.

+ Environmental awareness:

At our Secret Hideaways we collect trash daily as well as clean up all the trails used for mountain climbing, river, and stream excursions. We conserve and use water resources responsibly.

Customer Rights Statement

We want you to be satisfied in every way by believing in your brand promise.

In Brief

Sustainable tourism is based on 6 main pillars: protecting ecological resources, maintaining social and cultural responsibility, creating good jobs for local people, contributing to economic development, satisfying customers, and operating a profitable business.

We define sustainable tourism as protecting the environment together, creating a more beautiful place for people to live, and crafting a more beautiful place for travelers to visit and experience. We ensure cultural preservation by promoting local heritage, customs, and practices.

We are committed to conducting business with professional ethics, promoting the culture and lifestyle of the local people, and introducing the quintessence of local heritage, history, fine arts, and cuisine to the local community and domestic and international travelers.

We use local human resources, train and develop working standards, pay stable salaries, and ensure social security for local people. We contribute to local and national socio-economic development in order to create jobs, reduce poverty, and provide the best possible working conditions.

The most important purpose of the organization is to satisfy the target customer as we claim the right of 100% customer satisfaction. Last but not least we ensure the business is profitable.

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