Responsible Travel

+ Our goal:

Our goal is to create a better space for everyone to live and a better place for visitors to visit and experience.

+ Attitude:

The responsible journey is all attitudes and members committed to socially responsible tourism through education and reducing carbon emissions to the environment.

+ Sustainable building materials:

Constructed with locally available, eco-friendly materials, the resort is designed to maximize natural light and natural fresh air, while reducing the need for air conditioning and shade. lamp.

+ Reduce waste, reuse and recycle

Absolutely no plastic bags, we provide reusable water bottles and reuse your towels and linens.

+ Journey with purpose:

We save fresh water and organic waste for recycling into biogas. With those responsible policies, we want to keep the village greener, cleaner and cleaner for future generations.

+ Social responsibility:

The resort operates sustainably, creates jobs, hires local workers, promotes local culture, heritage and local products, supports a project to protect animals, forests, and farm development. and encourage agricultural and rural tourism, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation.

+ Environmental awareness:

At our Secret Hideaways that collect trash daily, we clean up all the trails used for mountain climbing, river and stream excursions. We conserve and use water resources responsibly.

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