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“Leo Village, Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Province”

Secret Hideaways Pu Luong is operated by Lux Hospitality, a member of Lux Group, a large group of small giants which specialize in luxury tourism, travel, transportations, cruises, yachts, restaurants, hotels, and real estate projects with over 20 years of expertise.

The Secret Hideaways Phu Luong project has been conceptualized by Mr. Pham Ha, who is a travel expert with 20 years of dedication, operating throughout Vietnam and Asia.

Pham Ha brings his global vision to the tourism business with a passion to create unforgettable experiences for travelers. The brand was established with a boutique concept inspired from literature, with limited edition.

The aim of this project is to raise Vietnamese destinations from the ashes post-pandemic. They nurse a fiery desire to uplift local communities while still entertaining travelers by rebuilding more responsibly and sustainably.

Vietnam-based Secret Hideaways is a member of Lux Group, Asia’s leading award-winning travel and hospitality group which specializes in funding capital for various products in the field of travel, tourism, cruises, yachts, restaurants, hotels, and real estate with more than 20 years of expertise.


We wish to be Vietnam’s leading travel experience property developer. We select travel destinations in Vietnam for year-round-operations which are rich in natural tourism resources such as rivers, reservoirs, lakes, bays, and islands for creating unique and memorable travel experiences on cruises and at resorts.


To create unforgettable experiences for travelers.

To build a better environment for people to live in and more beautiful destinations for travelers to visit and experience.

To blend heritage, art, and style in each journey and to be rich in local culture, emotion, and memory for visitors to bring back to their homes.

Increase in value

Adding real estate value: creating experiential travel products on land increases real estate value and we create quality, authenticity and individuality through travel experiences on real estate for Vietnamese tourism development.

Satisfying customers

We are and have always been customer-centric. Customer experience and gratification are the aim in all of the designs we work on. We will declare customer rights 100% fulfilled.

Always innovating

We’re constantly building a cohesive team with shared vision, equal capacity, and dedicated passion and always innovating to try to create new values to touch customers’ emotions.

Responsible and Sustainable travel

We always craft and commit to equality, integrity, transparency, and effective relationships with local communities, employees, suppliers, and investors to make profits responsible and sustainable throughout our growth and development.

Sustainable tourism is based on 6 main pillars: protecting ecological resources, maintaining social and cultural responsibility, creating good jobs for local people, contributing to economic development, satisfying customers, and operating a profitable business.


Business core: value, cooperation, trust, creativity, quality, efficiency.

Secret Hideaways Pu Luong, Vietnam

An intimate hideaway overlooking the big mountain. The overall logo is simple, delicate, impressive, consistent and associated with three main colors: yellow, blue and white.

The logo begins with the symbol. The word Secret (Private, Exclusive) is the brand name and the biggest and boldest word in the middle of the logo. Hideaways (a place used as a retreat or a place of solitude) is below the balance of the icon and the Secret brand.

The last line is the place of activity and the name of the country in which it operates. The final part is neatly balanced between the two E letters of the Secret brand. This part can change when expanding the business area to another place without changing the logo layout.

The top symbol is a combination of the first two letters of the brand S and H, stylized and interlocking to form a solid, reliable, H shape. The highest plateau of the logo resembles the big Pu Luong Mountain. The two detached parts of the H-shape form V and N, the first two initial letters of Viet Nam.

The yellow color represents the characteristic ripe rice season, sunlight, positive energy, and creativity. It is eye-catching and stimulates curiosity at first sight. The symbol creates a balance that draws in the eyes of the viewer. It is refined in shape and formed from solid blocks to cause curiosity to explore.

The background color is the majestic Northwestern mountains and forests. It’s the color of the rice fields and the sky. This color represents peace, serenity, elegance, and optimism like the soldier in Tay Tien of the poet Quang Dung. The white color is the water associated with the wet season’s rains pouring on majestic terraced rice fields, expressing purity, simplicity, innocence, and safety. The yellow color is friendship, happiness, joy, and positive energy.

The three main colors also relate to the colors of the three holy women worshiped in the Mother Palace in the original mother goddess beliefs, or Tam Phu of the Vietnamese. Tam phu is a noun referring to the three deities in the Vietnamese belief system including: Sky Mother (Mau Thuong Thien), Forest mother (Mau Thuong Ngan) and Water Mother (Mau Thoai), who govern the most important areas of an agricultural society.

At first glance, the symbol resembles the Nôm script, the whole block forms the letter H: Happiness in Vietnamese and Happiness in English. The satisfying logo has a “wow” element of feng shui which follows indigenous philosophy and beliefs, yet looks very trendy and Western.

It has a bit of romance and blends the pinnacle of the concept of “stay local, dream global” with a line of products featuring curated global experiences such as literary tourism, or wellness that cares for the mind, body, and soul to which the brand aims. The slogan “an experience to remember” is a brand promise to customers that it will bring happiness.

The logo is designed professionally with identity standards to ensure the success of a strong brand. It’s minimalistic, streamlined, friendly, homogeneous, easy to identify, impressive, deeply meaningful, elegant, and customized. It’s variable with an elegant font which is thin, bold, pale, large, balanced and flexible. It’s easy to expand, easy to use, and suitable on many different materials for different purposes. This logo has been registered for protection with the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.


Strong brand: Big idea in the mind of customers, leading in the market, high differentiation, and leading in the field. It has marketing and communication materials, it’s easy to convince customers, retain customers, favorable in recruiting talent, and a strong brand name leading corporate culture. Strong brands have better financial performance and are easy to call for investment. A brand is a mark that is a valuable intangible asset that increases the total value of the business. The opponent must consider it before declaring war.

An experience to remember

  • Explore, dream, discover, indulge, relax, experience and immerse yourself in culture and nature.
  • We choose interesting destinations, rich in tourism resources.
  • Each place is an interesting story.
  • Local experience, from our global expertise.
  • All design details are meticulous.
  • Each design space is created to make guests feel happy.
  • Inspiration comes from the destination’s heritage, culture, and arts.
  • Every moment is worth it in a green destination.
  • Primitive construction, pristine experience awakens the senses.
  • Not just staying, but the whole experience is authentic, unique and memorable.
  • A journey for body, mind and soul.
  • Turn moments into stories and once-in-a-lifetime memories.



A touch of authenticity

“Whatever you do today, your opponent can copy tomorrow. The only thing that sets you apart is the name and your unique difference. ”

We choose a brand based on 10 principles of branding to become a strong brand.

  1. The name should be easy to read.
  2. The name should be easy to remember
  3. The name must have English sounds
  4. The name must be short
  5. Names must be unique
  6. The name does not have a common word
  7. The name has no abbreviations
  8. We need to have two names: Brand and Industry
  9. Must have a .com domain name
  10. Neutral in language

+ Branding is your idea that gets stuck in the mind of your target audience when they need your service.

+ Strong brand name: Big idea in the minds of customers, a market leader, high differentiation, and leading in the field.

+ Must have marketing and communication materials, easy to convince customers, keeping customers, facilitating talented recruitment, and a strong brand that leads the corporate culture.

+ Strong brands have better financial performance and are easy to call for investment.

+ Brand is the Mark, a valuable intangible asset, it helps increase the total value of the business. The opponent must consider it before declaring war.

“Travel now is all about destinations, experiences and memories. Each destination has secrets, stories, and treasures of cuisine, nature, culture, art, heritage, history and people of that land, which is the main attraction for savvy travelers who come to explore, dream, discover, enjoy, relax, and immerse in cultural and natural heritage. An experience to remember!”


I am very happy to come up with the idea of a boutique retreat, inspired by the poems of Quang Dung, to create an experience you won’t soon forge...

Pham Ha - Pham Ha, President of Lux Group, Co-founder Secret Hideaways

Minimalistic but comfortable design; watch sunset or day break; live slowly; breath deep the fresh jungle air; touch the clouds in pure luxury!...

Thanh Van - Vice Director of Lux Travel DMC

Unbelievable as a dream, romantic as a poem, simple yet charming; this peaceful, private place gets its soul from the wonders of nature....

Nguyen Tien Hiep - Creative Director, Halucom

This place is for travelers who love simplicity, nature, culture, food, and people. A touch of the rustic, just 1 hour 30 minutes by flight from ...

Le Huu Toai - A guest from Saigon

Secret Hideaways Pu Luong is operated by Lux Hospitality, a member of Lux Group, a large group of small giants which specialize in luxury tourism...

Secret Hideaways - Leo Village, Pu Luong, Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa Province

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