About Secret hideaways Pu Luong

Vietnam’s first literary-inspired hideaway in Pu Luong

Unbelievable as a dream, romantic as a poem, simple yet charming, nestled in the middle of Pu Luong’s rainforest are terraced rice fields, cool streams, and the legendary Ma River. Secret Hideaways Pu Luong, this peaceful private place, gets its soul from the wonders of nature, culture, heritage, history, and people of the Northwest highlands.

Heritage includes cultural and natural heritage. According to the definition of the National Organization for the Conservation of the United States’ National Historic Heritage, “Cultural heritage tourism is travel to experience places, artifacts, and activities that faithfully represent the stories and people of the past and now. It includes culture, history and natural resources”. Literary tourism is a small branch of Vietnam’s resource-rich heritage tourism.

Secret Hideaways is inspired by the poem “Westward advancement” by poet Quang Dung, highlighting the majesty and danger of nature “A thousand meters ascent, another thousand descent”. He adorns the image of young soldiers originating from Hanoi, pompous and romantic. They joined a secret troop to protect the western border, but still “At night we dreamt of Hanoi and its charming beauties”.

On the way to march on secret trails or up the Ma River to reach Moc Chau, “Those of you who left for Moc Chau that misty evening”, to the Dien Bien Phu campaign, later encounter houses on stilts “Someone’s house in rainy Pha Luông far away”.

From the majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains and the heroic iconography of the soldier in Tay Tien, and from personal experiences and love for the land, people, natural heritage, culture, and moisture, Pham Ha, concept expert and brand founder, came up with the idea for a high-end, authentic, and unique mountain retreat that connects the past and the present to provide an experience to remember for savvy culture and nature travelers.

This is the first literary-inspired getaway in Vietnam which aims to celebrate the life and poems of Quang Dung, one of the 3 most acclaimed poets of the national resistance in the French War from 1945-1954.

Each of the 35 rooms in total, is inspired by indigenous stilt houses, bungalows, or exotic rondavels on wooden stilts, roofs thatched with palm, with 1 comfortable bedroom and designed for wellness (build well, experience well: air, water, light, comfort, nourishment, fitness, mind).

We design according to nature to blend in with nature and villages. Pu Luong Mountains and forests allow visitors to enjoy the essence of local architecture and immerse themselves in the most peaceful and unspoiled natural scenery in Vietnam.

All rooms have private indoor bathrooms, private balconies, and spacious 35m2 bedrooms. Watch nature in motion every second outside the doorway. The room provides the perfect setting for an intimate candlelit dinner or moonlight in absolute silence.

Explore ancient forests, valleys, streams, rivers, terraced rice fields, upland markets, majestic mountains, and original traditional houses on stilts with a private concierge as part of a journey of physical and mental health at Big Mountain Pha Luong or Bu Luong in Thai.

The resort is designed in a natural way, originally built according to the traditional Thai house-making technique. We’ve kept the original state when designing, keeping each tree, pond, river, and stream for perfect feng shui. Travelers are able to receive the morning sun or the last rays of the day. A serene soul settles with contemplative stillness in this wilderness. The pristine land, water, sky give forth their bounty as rivers and streams murmur day and night among the primeval forests in the Northwest.

Local cuisine is elevated by us to high-class art. Eating is not just a menu but a culinary experience with local food and an interesting story. With our boutique concept, we pay great attention to food and drink in the style and trend of Locavore (go to a region to enjoy the local cuisine of that region). All destination travel experiences and activities are available upon request.

With a dreamy view overlooking the terraced rice fields and the great mountain of Pu Luong, Secret Hideaways is a boutique-style secret place with only 35 rooms featuring traditional Thai stilt house architecture and futuristic round houses and bungalows.

For the first time Pu Luong is full of novelty. Have an experience under the eaves of the house, on the banks of the rice fields, and enjoy the philosophy of GREEN lifestyle, HEALTHY body, HEALTHY soul, attractive but no less poetic. We focus on designing travelers’ slow living and slow travel experience so we aim to make every moment important, valuable, and memorable.


Location: Leo Village, Ba Thuoc, Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Thai Pavilion



  • 1 Thai Pavilion overlooking terraced fields, 10 guests
  • 6 bungalows with stream and field view with 2 single beds
  • 3 rondavel bungalows on stilts with a double bed.
  • Secret-Hideaways receives a total of 26 -30 guests per day.
  • 1 restaurant LOCAVORE 1947 (local + vorous = eat local food)
  • 1 one-of-a-kind infinity pool
  • 1 Temple Spa: Thai massage service and herbal foot bath
  • 1 small bar
  • 1 sun-salutation yoga platform
  • 1 library of small books by the fire
  • 1 collection of Pham Luc’s fine art paintings
  • 1 collection of Thai cultural heritage
  • 1 Night of poetry and music by Quang Dung or Movie under the stars

Phase two, we build an additional 25 bungalows, bringing the total number of rooms to 35 with 4 room type configurations:

  • Thai Pavilion
  • Bungalows
  • Rondavel
  • Villas with private swimming pool
  • 2 restaurants: LOCAVORE 1947 (eat local) and MAI CHAU (fine dining)
  • The Muse Spa with 4 treatment rooms
  • 2 Pha Luong Sky and Earth Infinity Swimming Pools
  • 1 Sunset Pool Bar Code River
  • 1 floor to practice Moc Chau Yoga to greet the morning sun
  • 1 library of books (Don’t forget to read “Tay Tien” by Quang Dung)
  • 1 Vietnamese Picasso gallery: Pham Luc
  • 1 collection of postcards and vintage photos from the 40s
  • 1 Thai/Muong cultural and agricultural heritage museum
  • 1 local souvenir shop Sai Khao